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See below for some of our routine prices


  Standard Price
Consultation - Dog and Cat  £50.00
Consultation - Rabbit  £42.40
Consultation - Small pet e.g. hamster £37.00


Note: Consultations are by appointment and are scheduled at every 15 minutes
(above prices are inclusive of vat)


  Standard Price
Castration / Neuter £76.35
Spay £110.25
Castration (under 6kg) From £212.00
Castration (6 - 12.4kg) From £246.45
Castration (12.5 - 25kg) From £263.41
Castration (26 - 50kg) From £288.59
Castration (over 50kg) From £327.06
Bitch Spay (under 6kg) From £243.70
Bitch Spay (6 - 12.4kg) From £269.35
Bitch Spay (12.5 - 25kg) From £302.70
Bitch Spay (26 - 50kg) From £338.65
Bitch Spay (over 50kg) From £416.85

Rabbit Castrate / Neuter (up to 2kg, 2-4kg, 4+kg)

£111.57, £134.67 & £160.33
Rabbit Spay (up to 2kg, 2-4kg, 4+kg) £141.09, £161.60 & £183.38


Note: The above operations are all inclusive of pre-op check, premedication/sedation, anaesthesia with monitoring, surgery, suture removal and hospitalisation with pain-killers on the day of the procedure.(above prices are inclusive of vat). Please note that our anaesthetic protocol for flat nose breeds are more complex and will incur additional costs. Please call to discuss further.


  Standard Price
Puppy full course (and Health Check) £79.50
Dog annual booster (and Health Check) £63.60
Kitten full course (9 & 12 weeks) includes Health Check £79.50
Cat Booster Vaccinations (includes Health Check) £63.60
Rabbit Vaccination (Myxo and RHD Plus) includes Health Check £58.30


Note: All vaccinations include a complete health check examination
(above prices are inclusive of vat)

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